Artist-Faculty, CCPA at Roosevelt University
Faculty, Loyola University Chicago

MingHuan Xu's Teaching Philosophy

It is vitally important for teachers to be actively performing and for performers to be constantly teaching themselves. My teaching philosophy focuses on inspiring students and helping instill in them that thirst for music that can only be quenched through their own self-motivation. It is my desire to help them find their own ways to achieve personal artistic expression and to aid them in developing the tools necessary to realize these intentions.

I believe that an effective teacher needs to have an innate understanding of psychology, so that the teaching approach for each student can be individualized. Students generally have diverse approaches to learning and their own obstacles that need to be overcome. My goal is to be able to work with students in building on their strengths and ironing out their weaknesses. I strive to encourage students, so that they can build confidence in their abilities. At the same time, a great deal of emphasis is made on having a disciplined approach, so that their search for excellence occurs habitually. This needs to be cultivated in such a way that students are inspired to practice. By opening different doors for students and helping them realize their potential, my goal is to get them to love music in the manner that I do.

Along with the personal attention that I believe students must receive, one of my missions as a teacher is to pass on the vast amount of knowledge that I acquired from my own mentors. Achieving mastery of the instrument, having a personal understanding of composers’aesthetics, broadening repertoire, gaining a greater awareness of style, finding one’s own voice, and preparing for performance; these are all issues that I believe can be consistently reinforced in weekly lessons.